Impress Guests With New Window Shades

Impress Guests With New Window Shades

Add shades throughout your Texerkana, AR home for privacy and comfort

Shades let you control the amount of light and heat that enters your home. Thanks to Texarkana, AR's Window Illusions, you can choose to let in a lot of light, a little light or none at all.

Use roller shades to protect your privacy. No matter how much you like your neighbors, you don't want them looking into your house at all hours. These can be automatic if you choose that option. That way, they roll down on their own without you needing to pull them down.

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Window shades preserve the beauty and elegance of your home

Keep sunlight from glaring into your home and damaging your upholstery and paint. Excessive sun can ruin the hard work you put into decorating and designing your home's interior. Consider getting solar shades, which let you see out during the day without letting too much sunlight in the room.

We also sell pleated shades, which filter natural light and allow a soft glow into your home. These come in a variety of fabrics. You can choose the color and material to personalize your home. You can also request an extra liner to make the room darker.

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