Beautifying Your Home Is Simpler Than Ever

Make your Texarkana, AR home look magnificent with new window coverings

Shades and shutters do more than just keep the sun out. They also enhance the appearance of your home inside and out. Reach out to Window Illusions in Texarkana, AR to improve the way your home looks.

When you decide you want a new way to shield your home from the sun, let us know. We will:

  • Bring our showroom to you

  • Offer a free in-home consultation

  • Deliver your order within 10 days

  • Schedule a time to come back

  • Complete your installation

Call 870-774-1030 now to request your free in-home consultation in Texarkana and throughout Miller County, Arkansas.

Heating and cooling your Texarkana, AR home is easy with proper blinds

Our shades and blinds don't just keep light out of your home; they can keep out hot and cold weather, too. You can keep cool air conditioning from escaping out the windows during the heat of summer, and keep heat in during winter. This keeps you comfortable and saves you money on electricity.

Our quality products serve you well at home or at work. You'll finally be able to focus on enjoying your environment instead of squinting against the bright natural light pouring in.

Contact us now to learn more about what our blinds can do for you.

Why should you choose Window Illusions?

As a family-owned business, our biggest priority is helping families in our community. You deserve all the comfort and privacy that our shades can provide for you. Since we were founded in 1990, we have striven to add high-quality blinds and shutters to homes all over Texarkana, AR.

Now a second-generation company, we maintain the values of our founders. We believe that customer service needs to be built on honesty and trust. Our goal is to focus on your experience with your new window treatments. You'll receive shades, shutters and blinds that look beautiful and work exactly as you want them to.

Call now to discuss your options for shades, shutters and window blinds.

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